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Zurich Oberland.

Zürioberland Tourismus

The area is adjacent to the Zurich and Winterthur agglomerations and is easily accessible either individually or by public transport.

Schüblig Tuesday.

Schüblig Tuesday is a holiday celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is the day when people used to empty the smokehouses and enjoyed a last piece of meat before Lent. Schüblig Tuesday


Boys have been gathering for about 500 years on Ash Wednesday in Elgg in the Canton of Zurich to celebrate 'Aeschli' together with the village people. Aeschli
Silvesterchläuse and Schnappesel

Silvesterchläuse and Schnappesel.

The town of Wald has its unique custom at the end of the year called 'Silvesterchläuse' (people in masks) who are supposed to attract good luck while the so-called 'Schnappesel' (a person in the disguise of a donkey) drive away the evil spirits of the past year. Silvesterchläuse and Schnappesel