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360° Bachtel Panorama.

360° Bachtel Panorama 360° Bachtel Panorama 360° Bachtel Panorama 360° Bachtel Panorama


Zur Zeit stehen keine Webcams zur Verfügung.

A 360° panorama webcam brings the view from Bachtel tower to your living room - vertigo included. 

360° Bachtel panorama in real time

Welcome to a virtual 360° panorama tour of the Zurich Oberland. The webcam is located on the 80-meter-high observation tower at the top of Bachtel Mountain.

Only one click and you are above the fog, enjoying the fantastic view of the Alps! Discover the sights, excursion destinations, various accommodation options and more.

>> the Bachtel panorama - just a click away

80 meters free fall

The panorama webcam was mounted by a specially trained expert. A film was made to record the installation at a height of around 80 meters. Film by