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About us.

Zurich Oberland's association promoting tourism, culture & society, regional products and the economy, the so-called Standortförderung Zurich Oberland, is committed to an attractive and competitive Zurich Oberland providing an excellent quality of life.

Our service for the local area

In the field of tourism 
  • competence centre for tourist stakeholders such as hotels and restaurants, e.g.
    • support for businesses to expand and promote their products and services
    • networking platform for tourism providers (tourist associations, mountain inns, etc.)
  • initiation, implementation and further development of tourist attractions, e.g.
    • development of biking and hiking facilities
    • coordination and promotion of season passes (ski/water pass)
    • guest card with benefits for overnight guests
  • consulting and support of communities and companies in dealing with tourism issues, e.g.
    • development of mobility concepts for visitor management
    • establishment of spatial planning principles for the development of tourism
  • destination development and guest information, e.g.
    • answering media and guest-related enquiries
    • website, newsletter, social media, brochures

Zurich Oberland's association promoting tourism, culture & society, regional products and the economy

Together we are empowering the Zurich Oberland. Find out more about Standortförderung Zurich Oberland and their commitment in the areas of culture & society, regional products and economy.

Open positions/jobs

 Vacancies at Standortförderung Zurich Oberland.