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 Allgemeine Wettbewerbsbedingungen (412 KB)
as at March, 2022
(only available in German)

Data protection

Important legal information
Please read the following conditions carefully before proceeding. Individuals who log on to the www.zü website of Standortförderung Zurich Oberland declare that they agree to the following conditions.

Copyright and trademark rights
The entire contents of the www.zü website are copyright protected. All rights are owned by Standortförderung Zurich Oberland or third parties. The elements contained on the www.zü website are freely accessible for browsing purposes only. Duplication of this material, or parts thereof, in any written or electronic form, is permitted only with a specific mention of www.zü Reproduction, transfer, amendment, linking or use of the www.zü website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of Standortförderung Zurich Oberland. The various names and logos appearing on the www.zü website are generally registered and protected trademarks. No part of the Standortförderung Zurich Oberland website is designed in such a way as to grant a licence or right to utilise a picture, registered mark or logo. Downloading or copying the www.zü website or parts thereof, confers no rights whatsoever in respect of the software or elements of the www.zü website. Standortförderung Zurich Oberland reserves all rights in respect of all elements of the www.zü website with the exception of rights belonging to third parties.

No warranty
Although Standortförderung Zurich Oberland has taken all possible care to safeguard the reliability of the information contained on the www.zü website at the time of its publication, neither Standortförderung Zurich Oberland nor its contracting partners can give any explicit or implicit assurance or warranty (including to third parties) in respect of the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information on www.zü Opinions and other information contained on the www.zü website may be changed at any time without prior notice. Standortförderung Zurich Oberland accepts no responsibility and gives no guarantee to the effect that the functions on the www.zü website will not be interrupted or that the www.zü website or the relevant server is or are free from viruses or other harmful contents.

Limitation of liability
Any liability of Standortförderung Zurich Oberland (including liability due to negligence) for direct, indirect or secondary damage suffered as a result of access to the elements of the www.zü website or the use of that site or as a consequence of the impossibility of access to or use thereof or links to other websites, is hereby declined.

Links to other websites
The www.zü website contains links to websites operated by third parties which might be of interest to you. When activating these links you leave the www.zü website or summaries of third-party websites may be displayed within the context of the www.zü website. Standortförderung Zurich Oberland has not carried out any checks whatsoever on the websites of third parties accessible via links on the www.zü website and is in no way responsible or liable for their content or effective operation. This applies regardless of whether when activating the link you leave the www.zü website or the display appears within the context of the www.zü website, as well as if in the latter case the information provider of an external website is not immediately obvious. Establishing the link or consulting websites operated by third parties is at the sole risk and peril of the user.

Data protection  
Please click here to view and download the complete  Datenschutzerklaerung_ZOL_2022_tourismus (2.11 MB) in German.

Data protection with regard to application files 
Applications sent by e-mail shall be transmitted in unencrypted form. If you would like to encrypt your application information, please save your attachment in a password protected zip file. The password can be communicated to the contact person at Standortförderung Zurich Oberland on the phone. Your application documents will be used by Standortförderung Zurich Oberland for the application process (evaluation, assignment and internal forwarding and for contacting you). Your application data will not be forwarded to third parties outside the regional management of Standortförderung Zurich Oberland. Depending on the position, board members will be involved in the evaluation. Your data will be stored on a server hosted in Switzerland. The application documents will be deleted immediately after the application process. Should you request a prior deletion of your application data, please contact us via

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