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Hand Machine Embroideries.

Find out more about the hundred year old history of hand machine embroideries and experience how colourful patterns are brought upon fabric.


The hand machine embroideries of the Zurich Oberland have their roots in the St. Gallen hand embroidery. In 1840, eight years after the machine rush in Uster, fine fabrics have been embroidered with the first twelve hand embroidery machines in St. Gallen. From there, these machines have gradually been transferred to the Zurich mountain area where they have provided a new means of income to many hand weavers who had lost their existence. In 1890, during the heyday of embroidery, around 1,500 hand embroiderers have worked in the local area from their homes.

During the First World War, the hand machine embroidery has lost its significance and has disappeared shortly after World War II. Following hand spinning and hand weaving, hand machine embroidery has extended the existence of the manufactural textile industry at the Zurich Oberland for around one hundred years. The art of embroidery is demonstrated at the old cotton warehouse on two hand embroidery machines that are over 120 years old. Visitors may experience the history of Eastern Switzerland embroidery and embroidery products including the corresponding threading machines and examine the old pattern books and the necessary accessories.

Guided tours

We offer guided tours for up to 20 people throughout the year. Don't hesitate to contact us under +41 44 932 65 59.
A guided tour usually takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. We also offer longer or shorter tours upon request.