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Industrial History.

Feast in an industrial setting: Enjoy delicacies in a unique atmosphere where Zurich Oberland factory workers used to work day and night.

Hike and learn: Trace industrial history and cross historical sites on these trails through the Zurich Oberland.
Heimatwerk and Textile Hand Weaving Mill

Heimatwerk and Textile Hand Weaving Mill.

Textile handicrafts have a long tradition in the Zurich Oberland. One of the last producing manufacturers of this kind is located in Bauma. Heimatwerk and Textile Hand Weaving Mill
Heimatwerk und Handweberei Zürcher Oberland
Bahnhofstrasse 7
8494 Bauma

Tel. +41 52 386 11 60
Zurich Oberland Industrial Trail

Zurich Oberland Industrial Trail.

The Zurich Oberland Industrial Trail offers an overview of over 150 years of industrial history based on various places of interest. Zurich Oberland Industrial Trail
Standortförderung Zürioberland
Bahnhofstrasse 13
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 396 50 90
Old Watermill in Stockrüti

Old Watermill in Stockrüti.

This is the last working sawmill in the Zurich Oberland driven by a water wheel. Wood, as a raw material, is still processed here as it was 200 years ago. Old Watermill in Stockrüti
Alti Sagi Stockrüti
Maiwinkelstrasse 1
8344 Bäretswil
Tel. +41 79 132 63 73
Neuthal Textil- & Industriekultur

Textile & Industrial Culture in Neuthal.

The famous entrepreneur Adolf Guyer-Zeller lived and worked in the modest village of Neuthal. Today, 200 years later, this pearl of the past offers a fascinating all-round experience from hydroelectric power to weaving. Textile & Industrial Culture in Neuthal
Museum Neuthal Textil- & Industriekultur
Im Neuthal 6
8344 Bäretswil
Alex Kajanti

Steam Train.

From Bauma to Hinwil, the hissing and puffing steam train winds through amazing countryside. Sitting on the wooden bench and with the smell of coal in your nose, you travel through time in the Zurich Oberland. Steam Train
Dampfbahn-Verein Zürcher Oberland DVZO
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 79 905 84 94


Rosa Freddi, born in 1885, lived in the Flarzhaus for almost a century. The interior of the house has not changed and tells many stories about her life and the industrialization in the Töss Valley. Freddihaus
Gemeindeverwaltung Bauma
Dorfstrasse 41
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 397 70 30

Bilder: Kantonale Denkmalpflege
Drechslerei Kleintal

Kleintal Turnery.

Get a unique and full insight into the work processes of the 19th century at the picturesque village of Kleintal. The one-hundred-year-old machines show how the Rüegg brothers produced wood products with water power. Kleintal Turnery
Drechslerei Kleintal
Verein zur Erhaltung der Drechslerei Kleintal
Tösstalstrasse 316
8497 Fischenthal
Tel. +41 55 245 21 72
Dampfschiff Greif

Greif Steamboat.

The Greif steamboat is the oldest and only passenger ship in Switzerland fired with coal. Greif Steamboat
Schifffahrts-Genossenschaft Greifensee
Seestrasse 35
8124 Maur
Tel. +41 44 980 01 69