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Lozzi Museum.

Marvel at the amazing objects by sculptor Yvan “Lozzi“ Pestalozzi from up close - funny, brilliant, inspiring!

Welcome to the wonderland of imagination!

A museum for children, young people and adults. An attractive destination for school trips, associations, hiking groups or as a social program for client and private events such as weddings, birthdays and many more. The Lozzi museum in Wald shows an entertaining, inspiring exhibition of works for young and old with around 100 exhibits by Yvan “Lozzi“ Pestalozzi.
An exciting exhibition under the motto “Think like a mature person - rejoice like a child“ with moving objects and figures made of soft metal with puns on the worries and needs, wishes and dreams of both man and animal.

33 LOZZI short films on the website

The website of the Lozzi museum provides an overview of opening hours, offers for groups and prices whereas 33 short films provide an insight into the 60-year activity of this multitalented artist.