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Culture & Museums.

Culture & Museums.

Industrial History

Industrial History.

The Zurich Oberland has been marked by the industrial development in the 19th century. Visit the old craft and industrial facilities and find out more about the former everyday life. Industrial History
Castles, Churches and Monasteries

Castles, Churches and Monasteries.

The castles, churches and monasteries of the Zurich Oberland invite you to travel back in time. Castles, Churches and Monasteries


Visit the museums of the Zurich Oberland and make the most interesting discoveries! Museums
Craft & Studio

Craft & Studio.

Hand-weaving, pottery, ceramic painting, glass blowing, ... discover craft and art in the Zurich Oberland! Craft & Studio
Open-Air Events and Concerts

Open-Air Events and Concerts.

Enjoy movies, concerts and theatre performance under the open sky and immerse into the extraordinary acoustics at the Fischingen monastery or at the music container in Uster. Open-Air Events and Concerts


Out and about with the cultural detectives or the dialect author and story teller Richard Ehrensperger, history comes alive. Excursions