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Auslikon Strandbad

Public baths in the Zurich Oberland.

Water Pass

Water Pass.

One seasonal pass for 15 outdoor and indoor pools and public baths at the Zurich Oberland. For CHF 105 you will get free access to a whole range of refreshing water activities. Water Pass
bichelsee badi

Lakeside Public Baths.

Enjoy a refreshing dip - surrounded by pure nature. Lakeside Public Baths
Public Outdoor Pools

Public Outdoor Pools.

Refresh yourself in one of our beautifully situated public outdoor pools. Public Outdoor Pools
hallenbad uster

Indoor Pools.

Several indoor pools welcome you warmly also in case of rain or cold weather. Indoor Pools
Above or Under Water

Above or Under Water.

Sailing, paddling, boating and rowing on the lakes of the Zurich Oberland. Above or Under Water