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Back to the Roots.

Dem Ursprung auf der Spur

Route description

Prior to the hike, take advantage of buying regional specialities for a picnic at the Voland confectionery and at Stappung's butcher shop in Bauma. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Heimatwerk gift shop and witness the art of hand-weaving. Then off you go, following the Töss river, then along the Tobelbach up to the Hagheerenloch. At the cave that has formerly served robber barons and Anabaptists as hiding place, you will come across a beautiful barbecue area. Soon you will have reached the Höhstock where you can enjoy the fantastic view of the Hörnli and the Schnebelhorn mountain.

Cheese and more

Around a small hill we get to Sternenberg and to the Preisig cheese factory. It has been family-owned for over 40 years and is famous for its «Sternenberger Mutschli», a traditional round cheese. The detour to the adventure farm of the Furrer family leads us to the Sternen restaurant. After the Sunnebad bus stop, we turn right and follow the «Wald Ranch Lädeli» sign, a shop with homemade farm delicacies.

Magic stars
We either go back the same way or over Gipsegg. At Schatzböl we pass the small observatory where you can find out on a clear night why Sternenberg got its poetic name. We can either go back by bus or walk via Musterplatz. First passing rolling hills and scattered farms, then underneath trees following the burbling of the creek, we soon reach the Töss river and Bauma, our starting point.

Experiences on the way.

Sternen Guesthouse

Sternen Guesthouse.

Stop by all by yourself or together with your family and friends: The Sternen guesthouse offers excellent hospitality and refined home-style cooking at a cosy, rural restaurant. Sternen Guesthouse
Gasthaus Sternen
Sternenstrasse 10A
8499 Sternenberg
Tel. +41 52 386 14 02
Voland Confectionery

Voland Confectionery.

Enjoy the delicacies of the Voland café, confectionery and pastry shop at nine different locations in the Zurich Oberland: Bauma – Wald – Laupen – Gossau ZH – Rüti – Bäretswil – Fehraltorf – Kemptthal – Steg. Voland Confectionery
Konditorei Voland
Tösstalstrasse 83
8496 Steg im Tösstal
Tel. +41 55 265 11 30
Heimatwerk and Textile Hand Weaving Mill

Heimatwerk and Textile Hand Weaving Mill.

Textile handicrafts have a long tradition in the Zurich Oberland. One of the last producing manufacturers of this kind is located in Bauma. Heimatwerk and Textile Hand Weaving Mill
Heimatwerk und Handweberei Zürcher Oberland
Bahnhofstrasse 7
8494 Bauma

Tel. +41 52 386 11 60
Preisig Cheese Factory

Preisig Cheese Factory.

At the foot of Hörnli mountain we produce with great passion and pleasure a whole variety of semi-hard and soft cheese from fresh silage-free local milk. Preisig Cheese Factory
Käserei Preisig
Rietwies 81
8499 Sternenberg
Tel. +41 52 386 12 76
Dairy Farm and Shop

Dairy Farm and Shop.

Our homestead located near Sternenberg is a dairy farm with live-stock breeding. Dairy Farm and Shop
Bauernhof mit Hofladen
Gipseggstrasse 10
8499 Sternenberg
Tel. +41 52 386 23 72
Sternenberg Observatory

Sternenberg Observatory.

The observatory on Schatzböl at Sternenberg has been founded in 1965. We have been offering guided tours to interested groups, schools and families ever since. Sternenberg Observatory
Sternwarte Sternenberg
Sternenbergstrasse 87
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 386 15 18