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Fischingen Pine Cone Country Hiking Area.

Fischingen is part of the so-called «Hörnli Highland» that is listed in the federal inventory of landscapes and natural monuments of national importance; an exceptional place of power, surrounded by a fantastic natural scenario.

Hiking routes

Fischingen offers an extensive network of well-maintained hiking trails, including leisurely strolls but also more challenging and extended mountain hikes. An adventurous forest nature trail is specially prepared for families. Exercising and acquiring knowledge at the same time is a perfect activity for children. The hiking trails around Fischingen offer surprising panoramic views as well as new and interesting discoveries as for example the „huge pine tree“. Well-maintained rest areas and fireplaces are perfect for a picnic and to gather energy.

Fischingen can be easily reached by public transport and also offers sufficient parking at the starting points of the various hikes.

Hiking map «Hiking in the Pine Cone Country»

A special map offers an overview of the abundance of hiking trails. Get the map at the municipal administration of Fischingen or order it from the Fischingen tourist office.

 Wanderkarte Tannzapfenland (7.13 MB)

Contact and information

Fischingen Tourist Office 
8374 Dussnang