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Hiking Tours

Hiking Tours.

Discover the most beautiful hiking tours in the Zurich Oberland: our guests recommend a stroll through Kemptnertobel, the view from Bachtel Tower or the fairytale paths through Sagenraintobel. Don't miss the view from Schnebelhorn Mountain and the peacefulness around Lake Lützel. Hiking Tours
Adventure Hikes: Book Now

Adventure Hikes: Book Now.

Discover the highlights of the Zurich Oberland: families uncover hidden treasure, gourmets get to know the cheese makers personally, explorers delve into the depths of industrial history. Adventure Hikes: Book Now
Standortförderung Zürioberland
Bahnhofstrasse 13
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 396 50 90
Zurich Oberland Challenge

Zurich Oberland Challenge.

Eight summits in one summer sound like a challenge? Far better: it sounds like views, rustic mountain inns, exciting trails and a chance for success! Set off for the summit highlights in the Zurich Oberland. Zurich Oberland Challenge
Standortförderung Zürioberland
Bahnhofstrasse 13
8494 Bauma

Tel. +41 52 396 50 90
Conditions of the Trails

Conditions of the Trails.

Find out about the current conditions of the hiking trails on the website of Zurich hiking trails. Conditions of the Trails
Excursion Guide

Excursion Guide.

Follow the nine guidelines and you will soon be mistaken for a true Zurich Oberlander. Excursion Guide
wandern in fischingen

Fischingen Pine Cone Country Hiking Area.

Fischingen is part of the so-called «Hörnli Highland» that is listed in the federal inventory of landscapes and natural monuments of national importance; an exceptional place of power, surrounded by a fantastic natural scenario. Fischingen Pine Cone Country Hiking Area
Zurich Hiking Trails

Zurich Hiking Trails.

Enjoy the exercise in the middle of nature with your children and solve various puzzles on the way. «Hiky», the mascot, accompanies you on the signposted family hikes and challenges you with different riddles. Zurich Hiking Trails
Wandersonne and Crafting Studio

Wandersonne and Crafting Studio.

Guided hike and snowshoe tours in the Zurich Oberland and throughout Switzerland. Wandersonne and Crafting Studio
Wandersonne & Atelier Werken Plus
Yvonne Oplatka Knoll
Jonatalstrasse 7
8636 Wald
Tel. +41 55 246 44 14