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Lötterle Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei AG.

The Tösstaler Schinkenräucherei AG, a traditional ham smokehouse, has been founded in 1978 as a family-owned company and has been managed by the Lötterle family ever since.

Regional production of specialities

The wooded location at Saland in the Töss Valley provides the best conditions for a traditional production with natural smoke. Take a glance at our natural smoke rooms and the climate chambers and experience the process from delivery of the meat over cutting, salting and packaging to the finished product on a guided tour.

Opening hours Guided tours by arrangement
Group size Individual guided tours for up to 20 people
(larger groups upon request)

Factory outlet

At the factory outlet, you may buy our various specialities from the Töss Valley.
In addition to our selection of smoked ham, bacon and sausages, we also offer seasonal specialities as for example meatloaf from the oven with wild garlic, tasty grilled cheese or bratwurst. 
Opening hours Factory store: Tuesday to Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Outside opening hours, various Tösstal meat specialities, gift articles as well as cheese and dairy specialities, can be purchased from the 24 hours self-service vending machine next to the factory store.

natürli gift boxes

Our gift boxes with natürli regional products are a perfect present to bring along to a birthday party or to an invitation to friends. Would you like to send it as a surprise? No problem at all. We will send the box directly to your preferred destination.

Our gift boxes come in three different sizes:
mini: Three different smoked meat specialities from Saland
midi: Four different smoked meat specialities
: Zurich Oberland Meringues and/or honey and/or nut pie, a spatula and smoked meat specialities