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Spice Lab.

Find out everything about spices from the Spice Lab experts and do not hesitate to experiment and taste.

Spices: a most complex world

Become familiar with the theory, pair it with practice and finally mix your own spice blends.


What is sumac? What is the difference between cassia and cinnamon? How do I prepare spices? How do I store them? Which spices fit into my blend? Find the answers to all these questions at Spice Lab. 


Learn the theory about the most complex world of spices and use it directly when mixing your own spice blends to take along.


All participants (also as a team) will be able to mix their spices according to a rough guideline using their own creativity.


What the course includes:

  • theory
  • best practices
  • tasting and smelling samples
  • booklet: Spice Lab spice data sheets (to take home)
  • mixing two spice blends (to take home)
  • small aperitif to sample the mixed spices

Course details

  • a group size of up to 20 participants is recommended; in case of groups of less than four people, a minimum fee shall be charged
  • duration: about two and a half to three hours
  • costs per person: CHF 85 with a minimum of CHF 380 per group
  • the course can also be booked as a short (one and a half hours) or long version (five hours) with extra sampling and sensory training