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Girenbad Cheese Factory.

The Girenbad cheese factory is a village dairy with its own shop. Discover our regional products and the traditional handicraft on a guided tour.

Twice a day, seven milk suppliers deliver fresh raw milk to the Girenbad cheese factory. It is immediately processed according to traditional methods. In addition to our popular products 'Bachtelstei' and 'Senne-Flade', we are producing about ten other local cheese specialities. Our cheese master will be happy to explain his skills to you and guide you through our production rooms and curing cellars.

Pack your fondue

Whether summer or winter, a delicious outdoor fondue is always a nice treat. Grab your fondue backpack from the dairy including the full equipment with a pot, the special cheese and the wine. Nothing to stop you now from a leisurely hike or a romantic sunset adventure. Book your fondue backpack here.

Pack your breakfast

Would you like to start your hike early in the morning? The breakfast backpack is a perfect choice to take along. Pick up the backpack filled with delicacies such as bread, cheese, yoghurt, milk or coffee at the cheese factory and enjoy breakfast just as the fancy takes you. Book your breakfast backpack here.


Collect your backpack at the Girenbad dairy and off you go: decide between a short walk or a bit more exercise. Find a round tour according to your preference here:

    And the best of all: no washing up at all as the backpack with all the equipment goes back to the dairy.