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Genusswoche - Gourmet Week - Events

Genusswoche - Gourmet Week - Events.

Genusswoche from 8 to 24 September 2023
Go on a culinary discovery through the Zurich Oberland: Reserve your moment of delight  here – be it a class where you learn how to make sausages, one of the various tastings or simply enjoy a special Genuss menu.
Adventure Hikes: Book Now

Adventure Hikes: Book Now.

Discover the highlights of the Zurich Oberland: families uncover hidden treasure, gourmets get to know the cheese makers personally, explorers delve into the depths of industrial history.


The newsletter informs you about the latest updates, excursion highlights, events and other exciting topics in the Zurich Oberland.
Fog Tracker - Unique in Switzerland

Fog Tracker - Unique in Switzerland.

Sunny spots are highly treasured on the terraces of the higher altitude restaurants where you can enjoy the mountain air. The fog tracker will help you plan your trip: reserve a table at the mountain inn early and travel by public transport or all on foot. Click here for the ZVV timetable.